Friday, June 10, 2011


Penny auction review:
thinking of buying great products with 80% or maybe 99% discount is the answer; this is one of the best sites to save lot money on products like electronics, jewelry, home products, and much more. When I first started using this site I was a little bit skeptical that it was going to able to give quality products for the time and effort that I was spending into trying to win the products, but to my surprise the products were really good. I started by buying a silver bracelet the advertise price was $65 and I got the bracelet for one penny plus shipping which was $7 dollars. Overall the bracelet cost me $7.01, I was really happy with price but again I was skeptical of the quality product I waited for a week when the product was delivered to me. To my surprise the bracelet was real silver and immediately I went to the pawn shop to check out the price that they would give me. penny auction review

Penny auction review
: To my surprise the price that they gave was $ 40 which was pretty good considering that this was a pawn show. I was surprised but I decided to continue buying stuff from them. After a lot of effort and time I finally won a $ 2000 TV set that cost me only $89 dollars now you can image how happy I was. Now when I got the TV it was amazing. This site is legit with a great customer support service also they are updating their products every week this is great because it gives you a great variety of products. Thank you save big I am going to buy more products from you next week. Penny auction Review